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Explore the Farm

The 200 acre sized Olala Farms is located at the end of Robinson Road on the North San Juan Ridge in Northern California. The property is adjacent to the Ananda Spiritual Community and about a 10 minute drive from the center of the little town called North San Juan. When Arlo and Robyn acquired their property in 1976 there were only six other houses along Robinson Road, today there are around 80.

By clicking on the respective icons below on the map, you get to explore 'Olala Farms' yourself and have the opportunity to discover all the different areas of the property, listen to wonderful stories about life on the farm and organic farming, look at some of Arlo and Robyn's incredible artwork, get a taste of Robyn's wonderful cooking and learn from her homeopathy knowledge. The arrow icon on the bottom left gives you the chance to learn more about the area surrounding the farm, namely North San Juan, which was a flourishing town during the Gold Rush.

Source: Google Maps 2017

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