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Ana was born on the property in 1976 and is the second oldest child of Robyn and Arlo. When Ana was a freshman in high school, she went to see a midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Sacramento with some friends and got into a car accident, in which she broke her back and had to spend a couple of months in the hospital. It was a traumatizing experience for her family and friends. After her accident, the farmhouse has been remodeled to make it wheelchair accessible and they got electricity. She lived at the farmhouse for some time after, but ultimately, it was too much for her to have people around all the time and to be so far away from Nevada City, where she went to therapy and school, so she decided to move away from the farm. She was able to graduate from high school early and went to therapy for two years straight.

Later, while attending Sierra College in Rocklin, she moved back to the farm with her then boyfriend Eric, who built the two Yurts on the property. They lived in one of the Yurts for ten years because it was affordable and she was able to take classes from home. At that time, Ana also got into downhill wheelchair racing and participated in various events, many of them in Japan, which she visited seven times.After Ana and Eric separated, she moved back to Sacramento, where she worked for the state's Department of Rehabilitation for three years. Today, Ana is the Executive Director of FREED Center for Independent Living. Freed is a disability and aging resource center that provides services to residents in Nevada, Sierra, Yuba, Sutter and Colusa Counties. She also hosts a radio show called 'Disability Rap', that "covers current and emerging disability issues and topics and often includes special guests from across the nation" (KVMR: Ana Acton).

Ana's partner Jeremy Dunlap grew up in South County raising goats. He worked in the construction industry and has been a mechanic for many years.

In 2010, Ana and Jeremy moved back to the family farm to take over and carry on the family tradition of organic farming. Jeremy is working the fields, while Ana is taking care of the paperwork. Their son Aksel was born in 2012.

Ana Acton and Jeremy Dunlap

Ana, Jeremy and Aksel in the Driveway talking to Robyn

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