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Living Room

Just like the driveway, the living room is a place where people meet and talk. During summertime it is mostly used when the temperature outside is too high, and sitting in the driveway becomes an ordeal. During wintertime people gather here more regularly because of the woodstove that keeps this area of the house warm and cozy. When the kids were still living at home, the living room has been used as a bedroom by Arlo and Robyn. Now it is frequently used as a guest bedroom for friends staying overnight. The wooden walls are covered with watercolor drawings that Robyn created over the years, giving the visitors the opportunity to appreciate her colorful art. Like  Arlo, Robyn has a Master's Degree in Sculpture and Fine Arts, which she received from the University of California, Davis in 1968. The turquoise drawer is filled with both Robyn and Arlo's artwork dating back to the 1950s and 1960s. The small TV on top is usually showing the weather forecast of the region, which informs about the eagerly awaited rain, as well as potential wildfires.

The first video (22:23) below shows you a small selection of Robyn and Arlo's artwork that they have created over the years. These include sketches, watercolor paintings, pencil drawings, and photographs. Arlo's sculptures that he created on the farm during the last couple of years after retiring, are stored in his yurt art studio. The second video (11:14) shows an art installation and music video that Robyn and Arlo helped create in association with famous musician Terry Riley entitled 'Music with Balls' (John Coney, USA 1968).

An afternoon session with Robyn and Arlo where we are viewing their artwork that is stored away in the drawer. Many of the paintings were created back in San Francisco during the 1960s and in the following years on the Farm. Some date back only a couple of months. We learn more about the background and messages of some of the drawings, as well as why Robyn and Arlo left the art scene in San Francisco to go and live off the land.

Art in the living room
Music with Balls

In this video Robyn and Arlo are talking about the making of the 'Music with Balls' video, which we watched with Arlo in the living room. 'Music with Balls' is a music video created in 1968 in association with Arlo's friend and world famous musician Terry Riley, and director John Coney. For more information and the complete video, go to the 'Music with Balls' subpage.

Art in the living room
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