Impressions of the Driveway

These two videos show you two different situations taking place in the Driveway, that can be equally attributed to Olala Farms in general. On the one hand, there are days when a lot is happening and people usually start to visit the farm early in the morning. This typically results in a full dining room table in the evening, which leads to people sometimes having to stand up while eating - you can experience how a typical lunch or dinner, with a crowded table looks like, in the section of 'Inside the House'. On the other hand, there are entire days where little is happening, and the entire place seems to slow down.

The first video shows you what the Driveway looks like on a busy afternoon, when Rusty is over to play cards with Arlo, or when Debrah is playing her Ukulele. It also includes a visit from Ana and Jeremy. The second video shows a quiet afternoon in the Driveway, with Arlo enjoying some quiet time, while sitting in the shade of the trees. The video is narrated by some of his friends and family.

This video gives you an impression of the activities going on in the driveway. These include the singing of the Native American Handgame song by Bill and Arlo, Deborah Love playing the Ukulele for John Martin (Robyn's father), and Rusty playing cards with Arlo.

Impressions of the Driveway

After retiring from years of farming and hard work, Arlo enjoys sitting in the driveway, meditating, and listening to the twitter of the birds.

Arlo in the Driveway