Kitchen and Dining Area

Preparing food for either breakfast, lunch or dinner always includes organic and home-grown produce, mostly vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Watching Robyn prepare either a regular, or sometimes rather large meal (for more than ten people), was very impressive. Even though some of the kitchen equipment seemed a bit dated, everything worked out perfectly, and Robyn managed to prepare a variety of delicious dishes, while telling stories  and discussing interesting facts about food and the food movement. In an interview with their oldest son, Aero mentioned that Robyn "was always running around, feeding everybody [...] and always had too many things going on at the same time. [...] There were always lots of people around for dinner, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes people you wanted to see, sometimes people you didn't want to see. [...] That's why the dining room table is so big". The fact, that to this date, there are always many people around for dinner, allows a fleeting glimpse of the generosity and kindness that Robyn and Arlo embody, and that we both got to experience first hand during our stay on the farm.

Patti Bess has written a wonderful article about Robyn's cooking skills, as well as her knowledge about herbs, homeopathy and farming for the local newspaper 'The Union'. It perfectly sums up what we have experienced almost daily while staying at Olala Farms.  "After all these years, Robyn is as enthusiastic about foods as a 10-year-old with a new bike. Dinner at Olala that evening grew from four to 10 people in a matter of minutes" (Bess 2013).


Bess, Patti. 2013. "Test of Time" In; The Union. Accessed 12.06.2017

Robyn cooking

This video shows Robyn working in the kitchen and preparing sandwiches and sauerkraut for everyone. While talking about a number of different subjects, she prepares a variety of dishes in her kitchen. You can see everybody around the dinner table afterwards, enjoying their sandwiches with a sip of cold beer.


While preparing food for and with her visitors, Robyn is talking about the food movement, Bernie Sanders, and other topics. You'll see the diversity of food that ends up on the table and you can listen to some of the conversations around the dining table.


This is a time lapse video that shows you how a typical dinner with many visitors at Olala Farms looks like. At the same time, Aero and Ana tell us a little bit about growing up on the farm, how it was to have visitors around all the time, and about their parent's culture.