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Robyn's Radio Show 'The Garden Forum' at KVMR

For nearly 20 years, Robyn has been one of the broadcasters of the show 'The Garden Forum' at the local radio station KVMR 89.5 in Nevada City. The radio station was first signed on the air in 1978 for four hours a day, over the years the station upgraded its power and began broadcasting on a more regular basis for 24 hours a day. Nowadays KVMR serves audiences from all over the Northern California Sierra Foothills and the Sacramento Valley including regions such as Tahoe, Truckee, Camino, Placerville, and Angels Camp (most of these places are located along Highway 49).

In 2015 the show used to air every last Friday of the month from 1pm-2pm, with program director Steve Baker joining Robyn in the studio. In 2017 the show has been moved to air every first Friday of the month from 1pm-2pm, now in collaboration with the herbalist and aroma therapist Kathi Keville. During our stay at Olala Farms we got to accompany Robyn to her radio show and see her in action. 'The Garden Forum' is a show that provides tips and information about gardening, herbs, and homeopathy for the audience. If the listeners have any questions, they have the opportunity to call the studio and the questions will be answered live. For many years, Robyn's longtime friend and fellow organic farmer Rodger Rawlings has been calling in during the show to help her answer the questions about farming and gardening that she didn't know the answers to. The video consists of the footage from two radio shows: once we filmed on-site at the radio station in Nevada City and on another Friday, at Olala Farms, while Arlo was listening to the show. Arlo listens to each of Robyn's shows while she is live on the air. The KVMR live stream can be reached by clicking here.

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